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W2 Form 

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 IRS W2 Form

Wage earners in the United States receive a form annually from the person or business who employs them that has a summary of the wages they earned as well as taxes deducted. In order for them to file a 1040, which is a personal IRS tax return, they will need their W-2 form in order to get a refund or even just file their taxes.

All the employees IRS W2 is also sent to the Social Security Administration. The Social Security Administration utilizes the IRS W-2 form in order to know how much social security tax should be credited to the account of the employee. Based on the amount of cumulative social security tax credited to a person their retirement benefit will be calculated.

Your IRS W-2 form is also helpful if you are trying to get a bank loan. Many bank loans require that one prove his or her income, this is done by presenting an IRS W-2 form.


Lost W2 Form

In case you lose your IRS W-2 form there is a process for you to obtain a copy. Because our fees involved in might be a good idea first to contact your employer to see if they have a copy. Sometimes even if the employe does not have a copy of the IRS W-2 form companies accountant or CPA may keep copies.

Always be careful to present to banks and other institutions that request your IRS than meet to form the actual one given to you. It is important to know that there are third-party institutions that can verify IRS W-2 form information without having to go to the Social Security Administration. Because our third parties which have this information is almost like it's a matter of public record.

W2 Form versus 1099 Form

Some workers will not get a IRS W-2 form but will instead receive a 1099 form. That specific rules as to who is supposed to receive an IRS W-2 form instead of a 1099. Both forms have their own advantages and disadvantages, though who gets what is more dependent on how their job is to defined.